The Benefit of Going Green

Everywhere you look these days, you hear and see the words: Go Green. While you may know their meaning, you may not know what great benefits they can provide. The most obvious benefit is saving the Earth. If it is our collective actions that damage our planet, it is our collective actions that must save the planet. Another benefit of Going Green, one people are just now realizing, is saving money. By reducing consumption and increasing efficiency, you can save money on energy costs and in just about every area of your life. In these tough economic times, unemployment is on the rise, and companies are trying to save money any way they can. Going Green can help our economy, not only by saving on energy costs, but also by creating Green Jobs and a Green Industry which will help our country emerge as a leader in the world when it comes to Green Technology. Last, but definitely not least, Going Green can improve your health both physically and mentally. You’ll feel better because you did your part for a cleaner, greener environment, and with a little help, the world around you will be a better place for everyone. With all of these benefits, it seems like an easy choice to Go Green.

The Way to Going Green

So, now you may be asking: How can Go Green Electric help me Go Green? The following are a few examples of the many ways we can help. In this day and age, things are changing fast, so if you don't see something here, give us a shout. We'll be more than happy work with you on whatever you may want.

  Go Green Energy Audit

Go Green Electric offers a free Go Green Energy Audit. A GGEA is a free service where the energy efficiency and safety of the electrical devices in your home or office is evaluated with the aim to suggest the best ways to improve energy efficiency and lower your electric bill.

  Light Fixture LED Retrofits

Being one of the most promising green technologies to ever come to market, LED lighting has matured to the point where it makes sense to retrofit almost all of your old lighting with a modern, more cost effective solution. Our LED light fixtures, from Cree, Titan LED, and many others, offer up to a 100,000 hour life span, reduce light pollution, and eliminate regular maintenance costs due to ballast and lamp replacements. Go Green Electric can custom design an LED light fixture retrofit that will eliminate short term maintenance and result in a 50-90% energy saving with a return on investment in 1-3 years.

  Electric Vehicle Charging

In order to enable broad adoption and convenient use of Electric Vehicles or EV’s, there needs to be a concerted effort to provide the infrastructure needed for charging at home, office, and in public places. Go Green Electric is dedicated to keeping up with the latest innovations and staying on the cutting edge of the EV movement. To that end, we are able to install an EV charging station for any vehicle anywhere you'd like.

  Occupancy Sensors & Lighting Timers

The most common form of wasted energy in any building is unused lighting. We can eliminate this wasted energy by installing a lighting timer or occupancy sensors with passive infrared sensing technology. These technologies will deliver hands free switching and energy savings leaving you more time to address more important things in life.

  Solar Panels

Nothing helps save money and the planet like solar power generation. With the advancements in solar panel production and the numerous incentives offered for green energy, you can install a solar panel system that can not only pay for itself, but pay you over its lifetime. We have the ability to design and install your complete solar panel system and get you started saving with the many benefits your new system will bring you.

  Natural Gas & Propane Home Standby Generators

Life without power isn’t any fun and can be dangerous. That is why when the power goes out, Go Green Electric is there with Briggs & Stratton Power Products. Instead of gasoline or diesel, our Brigs & Stratton Home Standby Generators are powered using clean burning natural gas or propane, giving you the comfort of uninterrupted power at minimal impact to our environment.

  Attic Fans

Radiant heat and moisture build up are an attic’s worst energy. The answer to this problem is proper ventilation. Our technicians can upgrade or install an electric or solar electric attic fan to reduce the temperature in your attic, minimizing heat transfer into your home.

The Incentive for Going Green

As Going Green becomes ever more important to consumers, companies, and the government, the list of incentives for energy efficiency and green technology grows ever larger. The DSIRE: Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency offers a convenient list of these incentives not only at the state level, but at the federal level and from businesses in your area.